Integrated Smile Design

Integrated Smile Design

Straight teeth: Crowded teeth create hard-to-clean areas that can compromise oral health. We ensure that your teeth are properly aligned with each other and with the jaws.

Optimal Lip Support: As we age, our nose and chin continue to grow, while the lips lose their tonicity, giving us a more “dished in” appearance over time. We ensure adequate lip support by properly positioning and angling your front teeth, resulting in a more youthful appearance for years to come.

Proper Root Position: We strive to achieve proper root position by the end of treatment, resulting in healthy long-term function and stability.

Functional Bite: When the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, it can cause unfavorable consequences such as uneven tooth wear, periodontal compromise, and inability to chew food properly. We ensure your final tooth position supports the most optimal bite, giving you proper, sustainable function.

Smile Arc: One of the definite attributes of an attractive smile is a smile line that follows the contour of the bottom lip. We ensure that your top teeth are positioned to create that attractive smile that gets noticed.

Balanced Profile: We strive to create balance between your upper and lower jaws and their relationship to the rest of your face; this will help to achieve your ideal profile. Orthodontic treatment can often provide an alternative to surgery.

Smile Width: A broad, wide smile makes you appear more youthful and provides facial support while you age. We ensure the width of your dental arches fits the proportions of your face, creating a broad and beautiful smile.

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