Orthodontic Appliances

Palatal Expander

A palatal expander serves to make room in the upper jaw by widening it to align enhance the way the bottom and upper teeth fit together.


Separators are tiny bands that are placed between your back teeth. These devices are used to prepare your mouth for braces by generating a small gap between these teeth and allowing the placement of a metal band around your molar. This band will serve as an anchor for your braces within your mouth.

Thumb Crib

This device consists of a fixed wire crib attached to two back graces and is used to resolve a severe thumb-sucking habit.


The Forsus appliance is used to correct a Class II problem by using springs to force the lower jaw toward the front by retraining the bite. This appliance is fixed to the teeth.


The Herbst Appliance is used to stimulate the growth of the lower jaw in younger patients who are still developing their jaw.


A Mara is an appliance that is used to correct a Class II problem by driving the lower jaw forward using metal caps and small loops.

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